[MarkLogic Dev General] Is xdml:unquote appropriate for handling accent characters?

Kari Cowan KCowan at alm.com
Thu Feb 9 12:53:38 PST 2017

Well sure.  To be clear, we started with é on cms our editors use – and then we exported that to ML having changed it to é (which I presume we did so the our content loader wouldn’t choke on it).  That’s perfect for most re-use scenarios.  I am then taking that however, and pulling it back to use it in an RSS/XML feed and ML returns it as é again – which will give the xml readers a minor stroke.  IF there was an option to return such characters in original stored read (é, in my example) – I would take it.  Getting it as the /text() element doesn’t quite cut it for this use but I can work around it for my own purposes.

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If the XML is OK (as XML), then it sounds like something downstream.  Either something funky expected in quoted-meta-whatever content or a bad reader?  I don't know RSS, but I thought there would be no problems these days with UTF-8 in either XML or even HTML pages.

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