[MarkLogic Dev General] Is xdml:unquote appropriate for handling accent characters?

Jason Hunter Jason.Hunter at marklogic.com
Thu Feb 9 13:19:42 PST 2017

The downstream client that can't understand unicode isn't being xml compliant. Any legit xml processor can handle unicode. Just make sure your encoding declaration is proper.

That said, you have some control:


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Well sure.  To be clear, we started with é on cms our editors use – and then we exported that to ML having changed it to &eacute; (which I presume we did so the our content loader wouldn’t choke on it).  That’s perfect for most re-use scenarios.  I am then taking that however, and pulling it back to use it in an RSS/XML feed and ML returns it as é again – which will give the xml readers a minor stroke.  IF there was an option to return such characters in original stored read (&eacute;, in my example) – I would take it.  Getting it as the /text() element doesn’t quite cut it for this use but I can work around it for my own purposes.

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If the XML is OK (as XML), then it sounds like something downstream.  Either something funky expected in quoted-meta-whatever content or a bad reader?  I don't know RSS, but I thought there would be no problems these days with UTF-8 in either XML or even HTML pages.

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