[MarkLogic Dev General] passing a document-node into an eval/invoke

Erik Zander Erik.Zander at studentlitteratur.se
Wed Feb 15 02:37:50 PST 2017

Hi All,

I did iron out why I got errors, now I could use some help finding the best solution to it.

The error is that I have code like


let $evalParams := map:map(
let $resultDocument := xdmp:eval($transformCode, $evalParams)

where in the $transform code it checks for a document-node
declare variable $document as document-node() external;

To my understanding this has to do with the map:map structure.

But is there a good way of going around it. I could use xdmp:unqote but it feels a bit messy. I could also put into the database but doing document inserts and deletions just for that feels like a bit much overhead.

Any thoughts on this is greatly appreciated.

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