[MarkLogic Dev General] XML London 2017: Call for papers is open

Charles Foster charles at cfoster.net
Mon Feb 20 04:28:57 PST 2017

Calling all XML and Linked Data aficionados.

The XML London 2017 conference takes place on 10-11th June 2017 at
University College London.

Call for papers is now Open and closes on 21st March.

We are interested in hearing from first time speakers as well as
"success stories" of projects where XML or Linked Data technology
have been beneficial.


Submissions only need to be an extended abstract (1 to 4 pager) by
21st March with enough detail that succinctly outlines the contents
of what would be in the final paper.

The conference has themed topics. However, submissions of
outstanding quality or novelty are ALWAYS welcome at XML London,
regardless of whether they fit into any of the conference
theme topics.

The conference theme topics are as follows:

Document & Graph Databases :-

  The future of search over structured and unstructured data
  with NoSQL solutions.

Financial Data :-

  The role and use of XML technologies in the world of banks,
  finance & trading, regulatory reporting. FpML, FIBO, FIX, etc.

Modern Publishing :-

  Single sourcing, delivering content to a Web of Devices using
  Markup technologies such as
  DITA, S1000D, DocBook, BITS, HTML, EPUB, etc.

Applied & Business Stories :-

  Real life use cases of where XML technologies have been
  beneficial and what challenges were faced.

Open Data :-

  The world of Information Exchange and Data Management, RDF
  and Linked Data, CSV, Semantics and SPARQL.

XML Elephant :-

  Coping with and processing huge volumes of XML and
  Big data effectively.

Teaching XML :-

  XML technology is cool, why so? What can it do for people
  who are not using it?

HTML5 :-

  HTML5, Web Components, cutting edge web standards and

Don't miss your opportunity to speak at XML London this summer.

For more information, please visit the XML London website:



XML London

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