[MarkLogic Dev General] Finding target geocodes using REST API

Shiv Shankar shiv.shivshankar at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 08:09:41 PST 2017

I could able to achieve finding the nearest addresses based on the
starting geo codes  in a circle  with in the given distance using SJava
Script API in the qconsole and I wanted to achive the same using REST. I
see very less documentation and I found these part of Options in a QBE. Any
help on this please?

My address structure
"fullAddress":"Unknown address",
"geoCoordinates" :
"lat": 41.335747

  "parent-property": "geoCoordinates",
  "lat-property": "lat",
  "lon-property": "lng",
  "geo-option": "5 miles"

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