[MarkLogic Dev General] hyphens and cts:element-value-query

Geert Josten Geert.Josten at marklogic.com
Tue Feb 28 04:58:48 PST 2017

Hi Gary,

Sounds like you are running an unfiltered search. Either enable filtering to get rid of false positives, or switch to using element-range-query (which requires a range index). Keep in mind that value-queries don’t use range indexes (even if available), but rely on the universal index, which contains tokens, not values..


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Subject: [MarkLogic Dev General] hyphens and cts:element-value-query

I’m trying to get this cts query to treat hyphens as text:

cts:element-value-query(xs:QName(ename), 'value 1', ‘exact’)
cts:element-value-query(xs:QName(ename), 'value-1', ‘exact’)

Even though the ename  value-1 does not exist a match is found.

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