[MarkLogic Dev General] hyphens and cts:element-value-query

Jason Hunter Jason.Hunter at marklogic.com
Tue Feb 28 17:55:06 PST 2017

* Punctuation and space tokens are also not generally indexed as words in the universal index in value queries either. However, as a special exception there are terms in the universal index for "exact" value queries (unstemmed, case-sensitive, whitespace-sensitive, punctuation-sensitive), so "exact" value queries should be resolvable properly from the index, but only if you have fast-case-sensitive-searches and fast-diacritic-sensitive-searches enabled in the database.

I'm curious, what's the logic where we only index an "exact" value if FCSS and FDSS are both on?

Seems like as a database that's increasingly focusing on data beyond textual content, the ability to do exact matches (like people are used to with relational databases) should be a default feature even if the admin hasn't toggled on text-specific things like those.  It's a fairly cheap index, I expect, so why not always have it on?



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