[MarkLogic Dev General] date scalar type error in SQL view

Rajesh Kumar rajava543 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 10 04:31:57 PST 2018

Hi Team,

I'm trying on TDE concept of MarkLogic by connecting MarkLogic with
Tableau. Created a template and facing an issue while viewing the schema.
When scalar-type is defined as date , MarkLogic is returning error.

Sample Column defined:


SQL generated:
SELECT 1 AS "Number of Records",
  Date("mtable"."createdOn") AS "createdOn",
   "mtable"."type" AS "type"
FROM "matchTable"."mtable" "mtable"
LIMIT 1000

[SQL] XDMP-UNDFUN: (err:XPST0017) Undefined function date()

Trying with MarkLogic version 9.0-3.1 and Tableau v10.4.2

Please help here.

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