[MarkLogic Dev General] Exit query without writing to error log?

David Ennis David.Ennis at marklogic.com
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Further to Florent’s comment, assuming your code is OK with the error bubbling up to the top, you can catch them all in a single place and act accordingly  using a custom error handler. Using this in conjunction with throwing your own errors (and handling the code in the top-level handler) can be useful.




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Hi Evan,

The error is logged only if it "reaches the top", that is, if it is not caught.

If the error shouldn't behave as such, can't you just catch it before? (and yes, potentially return wathever HTTP response you deem appropriate).


Florent Georges
H2O Consulting

On 24 January 2018 at 03:22, Evan Lenz wrote:

My client has XQuery parameter-validation code which calls the error() function when invalid parameters are supplied. This event gets written to the error log. Is there a way to prevent this?

I recognize the best practice is to return a more appropriate HTTP response code (than 500) when handling invalid input. I also recognize this is anathema to FP. But my question still stands:

Is there a way to interrupt/exit a query without triggering an Error-level log message?


Evan Lenz
President, Lenz Consulting Group, Inc.

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