[MarkLogic Dev General] Regarding DMSDK

C. Yaswanth rockingyas at gmail.com
Mon Jan 29 10:38:21 PST 2018

I want to run the Marklogic Data Movement SDK for transformation in
distributed mode on my Marklogic cluster which is running on 3Nodes.
Usually in the mlcp we will use the `-host` parameter to specify our
hostnames and have `-mode` parameter to define our mode type. Is it
possible here in DMSDK to mention all the hostnames of our nodes in ML
cluster like this

    newClient("host1,host2,host3", port, username, password, authentication)

So that it will distribute the task efficiently. But i didnt seen any
documentation of DMSDK with multiple hosts.

 1. If i am not giving my all the hostnames then how it gonna distribute
the work in parallel fashion.

Any help is appreciated.

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