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MarkLogic 5

MarkLogic 5 is not a supported version of MarkLogic Server

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  • I use Ubuntu 10.04 32 bits, Which of the packages you suggest to download? Thx
    • There is a comment below that mentions what to do for Debian/Ubuntu. I have not tried it myself, but reports are that the technique works fine.
  • I'm lost.  I'm trying to learn how to use ML.  Just downloaded express. Installed it. Created an empty dB using Info Studio. downloaded the dictionary.xml to import into the dB and all I get is errors.  Can someone point me in the right direction please.  All I want to do is get this XML data in
  • Does this work on Windows 7 64 bit ? I couldnt get the ML server to  start.
    • Yes per Windows 7 64bit is supported.  Did you start the server as Administrator as described in the install docs?
  • Can you provide a developer version for CentOS 6.2?
  • Is it possible to restore a database backup of Marklogic 4.2.x running on  Windows platform to Marklogic 5 running on Redhat 5 platform ? Below is the screenshot which  got while doing this activity. Marklogic stops taking the username & password after that & prompts the same everytime. If there is some way to do that plz. mail me the steps at :
    • Database backups are architecture specific.  If you need to migrate content from one architecture to another, you should consider
  • Hi, I have downloaded Marklogic Express (free) edition for learning purpose today (Feb22,2012). Can I make two or more systems to just access my server for development purposes? Where do I find Javadocs for accessing Marklogic
    • It is perfectly fine to have two (or more systems) access a single instance running Express for learning purposes. Note that Express is not for development teams, per se though. Multiple developers using Express on the same project is not allowed. For access to MarkLogic 5 via Java, there is the XCC api documented online at, but I strongly recommend you learn a bit more about MarkLogic before diving into that API. In particular, the XCC API is similar in style to Java JDBC APIs in that good use of it will require you to understand the underlying query language. For example, you need to know SQL in order to understand JDBC. Continuing with the analogy, for XCC and MarkLogic, you'll need some knowledge of XQuery. You may also find the community sponsored REST API useful as well. It requires no real knowledge of XQuery up front and can be accessed from most any programming language (including Java). See the tutorial at
      • dmsadmin wrote " Note that Express is not for development teams, per se though." - Does that mean no development work should be done using a Marklogic Express server? Can one developer download one Marklogic Express version - so a team of 5 has 5 different servers installed in their own desktop. Is that fine for application development?
        • No, that is not allowed. Express is intended for a single developer, developing on his/her own. Individuals on a team may have their own copies of Express, only in so far as their development is completely unrelated.
  • Does MarkLogic 5 run on Red Hat 6.2? 
    • Thanks, 5.0-2 (x64) is certified on Red Hat 6. We will update the index above to indicate that now.
  • No Debian / Ubuntu package ? Is this a joke ?
    • Works fine on ubuntu with the links above.
    • We certify against Redhat and CentOS so it's not a joke. That said, we have plenty of developers who work on debian or ubuntu via uncertified methods. The instructs below were for MarkLogic 4.1, but they should for 5.0 I'm told. I've not tested them myself. sudo apt-get install alien sudo alien --to-deb --verbose MarkLogic-4.1-6.x86_64.rpm sudo dpkg -i marklogic_4.1-6_amd64.deb sudo /etc/init.d/MarkLogic start Or you could just use Nuno’s ml-repackage script ;)