MarkLogic Plugin for Nagios®

Nagios is a well-known tool for monitoring IT infrastructure systems. The MarkLogic Plugin for Nagios enables administrators to monitor MarkLogic clusters using Nagios. It includes:

  • A Perl script that is the Plugin itself.
  • An out-of-the-box configuration that requires minimal changes to enable.
  • A tool you can use to generate a custom configuration that is based on your cluster and your needs, comprised of:
    • An editable services file that defines the MarkLogic resources and metrics to be monitored.
    • A Perl script that reads the services file, auto-detects information about your cluster, and generates a configuration.

A few additional details can be found at the Nagios Plugin Exchange.

The plugin is compatible with Nagios 4.

MarkLogic Plugin for Nagios

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, 7; CentOS 6, 7

Release 2.0-2 tar 200KB

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11

Release 2.0-2 tar 200KB

Sun Solaris 10

Release 2.0-2 tar 200KB



  • Can you add the pdf in the link below to the tar file instead of having a ReadMe.txt file contain the link?
    • I made this request on your behalf. (That said, we don't generally bundle product documentation inside software downloads, other than READMEs and zips that are _all_ documentation.)
  • Is this compatible with ML 6? Is it compatible with Nagios XI?
  •  In order to get this to work for me, I had to add the following to the top of the script: ## disable the embedded interpreter # nagios: -epn
  • Will this work with 4.2?