MarkLogic Visualization Widgets

The MarkLogic Visualization Widgets are a suite of drop-in HTML5 components that simplify adding rich data visualizations to your applications. They combine JavaScript, HTML, and CSS into interactive charts and maps that can easily be woven into any MarkLogic web application.


Release 3.0-6 zip package (for MarkLogic 8) 648 KB(SHA1)
Release 2.0-6 zip package (for MarkLogic 7) 648 KB

Each widget is its own JavaScript class. All of the widgets share a common API for things like bootstrapping into the DOM, styling, publishing events (e.g. “Something was clicked”), and receiving and updating data. There are several ways to take advantage of visualization widgets in your applications.

To use them in an existing web application, use the HTML below to include the JavaScript and CSS libraries in your HTML page.

Then, add some JavaScript to initialize the included controller (“C” in the “MVC” sense), specify one or more widget instances, and bind them to a container element in your page.

You can also use Application Builder to generate an application that includes visualization widgets without writing any code. For more information on Application Builder see the docs. The widget APIs and configuration options along with examples can be found in the official documentation as well.