XCC for MarkLogic - Release 5.0


XCC Java distribution (includes javadoc) 2.1MB
XCC Java source 256KB
Maven repository


XCC .NET distribution (includes API docs) 16MB


  • Can we get a list of all the URIs in the database associated with the XDBC server port??
  • Is it possible to retrieve xml docs from mark logic to java
    • Yes. You can use XCC or the Java API (http://developer.marklogic.com/products/java) for that easily.
  • Is there any JDBC driver for Marklogic to connect it from other reporting tools. Like IReport or Pentaho.
    • Sorry for the delay, there is no JDBC driver.  With 6.0, there is an ODBC driver for use with Tableau or Cognos.  See http://developer.marklogic.com/products/odbc
  • In the MarkLogic repository the XCC-Java Distribution V5.0.2 is missing - please add it, thx.
  • XCC is open source.. Awesome!! Thanks!!