Pipes is a visual programming plugin for MarkLogic. It integrates with the MarkLogic Data Hub and produces the code for a Custom Step using a no-code UI environment. Pipes is designed to run on MarkLogic 10.0-2 (with DHF 5.1.0 installed).

Note: Pipes for MarkLogic Data Hub is a community tool. As such, it is not supported by MarkLogic Corporation, however a very active and talented community updates and corrects the project on a best-effort approach.  Any contribution or feedback is welcomed to make the tool better. 

If you’d like to get started using Pipes, explore some of the technical resources below.

VIew Github repository

Related Resources

Introduction Blog

Get an introduction of what Pipes is, who it’s for, and how it works, as well as its use cases and future plans.

GitHub Wiki Documentation

Learn how to get started with your first Pipes project with this GitHub Wiki documentation guide.

Custom Steps

Walk through editing a custom step module in this documentation. Learn required inputs/outputs and best practices.

Envision - A Tool

Envision for MarkLogic Data Hub is a suite of applications that provides graphical data modeling and exploration of your data hub.

Pipes and Envision Demo

Pete Aven describes how Envision and Pipes together offer a low-code solution for getting started with the MarkLogic Data Hub.

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