Paxton’s awesome Sublime Text Plugin.

If you edit code with Sublime Text 2 or 3 be sure to install this plugin.


  • XQuery syntax highlighting
  • MarkLogic Function Autocomplete – Autocompletes with stubbed parameters. Never forget which param goes where again.
  • Xquery Lint – This will save you hours of debugging. Highlights the line and underlines the offending bit of code.
  • Run your code on the server – Ctrl+alt+r will execute your code on the server. Saves you a trip to Qconsole
  • Open – Put your cursor on a function in your code and press the hotkey. A new browser tab is opened to the docs page.
  • Code snippets – Common used patterns are available: if, typeswitch, etc.
  • Autocomplete for common, annoying things – Stop trying to remember paths for import statements. Start typing to see a list of all the MarkLogic imports. Select one and it gets inserted into your code.
  • Plays nice with Roxy – The plugin can use your Roxy properties files to determine which server to use for linting and running code.

Visit the Repository

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