An out-of-the-box, end-to-end architecture with pre-defined functions that enable you to build an operational data hub quickly.
A fully managed, fully automated cloud service to integrate data from silos. Powered by MarkLogic Server, the service enables agile teams to start integrating and curating data immediately, with no infrastructure to buy or manage.
Security that is both reliable and flexible, with fine-grained access controls, proper separation of duties, and the ability to anonymize data.
Automatically identify entities (either pre-defined or built) in free-flowing text that can be used for extraction or enrichment.
Control the authentication scheme for HTTP, WebDAV, ODBC, and XDBC App Servers with one of the many authentication procedures available here.
Resources pertaining to creating and manipulating XML components of Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents.
Define a relational lens over your document data. Access data in your documents through a variety of ways without having to change the documents themselves.
Perform relational operations on indexed values and documents regardless if the value is in a range index, the triple index, or rows extracted by a template.
Supports the multi-step conversion processes of applications.
For many organizations, moving data and applications to cloud environments are some of their most ur...
To help you get going with deploying MarkLogic on Amazon Web Services (AWS), MarkLogic provides preb...
We are partnering with Microsoft to help you deploy MarkLogic clusters on Azure cloud. We provide an...
Docker is an open platform for developers to build, ship and run distributed applications with benef...
Atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability; these properties ensure that your enterprise-grade system never encounters issues like data corruption, stale reads, and inconsistent data.
Query across all of your data with unbelievable fast results. Our "Ask Anything" Universal Index allows you to also index data as soon as its loaded, ingest and query across all of your data, and scale potentially billions of documents.
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