[MarkLogic Dev General] Emptying a database

Ryan Grimm grimm at xqdev.com
Wed Aug 15 02:07:08 PDT 2007

You can clear a database using the admin interface.  Just select your 
database and under the Configure tab there is a clear button in the 
upper right hand corner of the page.  This operation is much faster than 
using document-delete() on all of the documents.


Dominic Mitchell wrote:
> Is there a quick way to empty a database?  I'm running something like this:
>   for $doc in input()
>   return xdmp:document-delete(base-uri($doc))
> But it keeps timing out.
> In an RDBMS, I'd normally drop the database and recreate it, but that's 
> difficult because MarkLogic Server doesn't appear to have the same sort 
> of schema dumps.  Is there something equivalent that I'm missing?
> -Dom
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