[MarkLogic Dev General] How to generate Configuration scripts ?

Lee, David dlee at epocrates.com
Wed Aug 11 17:04:59 PDT 2010

Wow thanks for this idea, I didnt even think of it.

I suspect its not "sanctioned" as you say especially if you bump server
version #'s but if it works ... ha !  VASTLY simplier then parsing them

and generating the equivilent xquery code.



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Also - we have had good results simply restoring the config files
directly from /var/opt/MarkLogic/*.xml (on UNIX).  Just restore them to
the same folder, restart and hey presto.  I am sure there are edge
conditions where this could fail, but in case of total loss it is
definitely worth trying since it does generally seem to work.  You can
also do the same trick with the forests *if your db was shutdown when
you copied the forest files to backup*.  Otherwise you'll have to use
the forest restore tool to get them from an official backup.  At least
that's been my experience - I doubt this is the approach sanctioned by





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Configuration scripts ?

	Jakob, David, and others,

	Yes, this is definitely something on our radar for a potential
future release. I'd be very interested in following up on specific

	In the meantime, there is an open-source project called
Pomegranate <http://developer.marklogic.com/code/pomegranate> that might
be helpful. It's maintained by Don Anderson, a MarkLogic consultant.
Pomegranate allows you to package and deploy configuration and
application code to a MarkLogic cluster.




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	On Aug 10, 2010, at 7:52 AM, Jakob Fix wrote:


	That sounds like something that would be great to see in the
product itself!
	I know that we have similar needs whenever we need to migrate
	servers/databases to another server. I think we posted a similar
	request to the mailing list not so long ago (ah yes, here it is:
	Maybe something for 4.3?
	On Tue, Aug 10, 2010 at 16:42, Geert Josten
<Geert.Josten at daidalos.nl> wrote:

	Hi David,


		You could use xdmp:read-cluster-config-file to acquire
database settings in xml syntax. Replace ids by names and filter
anything that looks default. You can parse the xml and translate that
into admin set function calls to reapply the configuration. It will take
some initial effort to get sufficient implemented to make it worth
while, but the result should be very general purpose..


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			Configuration scripts ?


			I've just had the *exciting* opportunity to have
to totally

			rebuild a ML server.

			( For some reason Amazon EC2 corrupted the
filesystem and ML

			went kaptpuy).

			Fortunately I had a recent database backup of
both the data

			and the modules.  And *really fortunately* I
have a mirrored

			(copied) instance of the filesytem I run for

			I could have just copied that mirror over and
run that but I

			wanted to recover "from scratch" to see what the
process is like.


			What I discovered, which I had noticed before,
but it didn't

			really hit me until doing it all from scratch
again is what

			royal pain it is !

			Thankfully the backups included the Security
module so all my

			users were recreated.

			But I had to manually recreate all the Forests,
and Databases

			(and their zillion settings) and the App

			I know all this can be scripted.   But I don't
want to have

			to *write* this script, it would probably take a
week due to

			having to test

			it over and over until I got it right.   What
I'd like is a

			"1 button" "Export Configuration" feature.


			I've poked around the forums but couldn't find
such a beast

			although similar things were discussed wrt
creating users.

			Does anyone know of or suggest how to make such
a thing ? I

			suspect it should be about as easy to create a
script that

			queries a given installation and generates a
script to

			reconstruct it, as it would be to manually
generate the setup

			script.  (or am I overly optimistic).   Either
way a pain.

			This must be something other ML users have
needed ... maybe

			I'm missing a popular tool that's right in front
of me !


			Any suggestions ?







			David A. Lee


			Senior Principal Software Engineer


			Epocrates, Inc.


			dlee at epocrates.com <mailto:dlee at epocrates.com>








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