[MarkLogic Dev General] xdmp:document-load - possible bug?

Jacob Larsen jac at kb.dk
Mon Aug 16 02:21:17 PDT 2010

Hi All

I would appreciate your opinion on this, before I report it as a bug.

I load an xml files using something like:
  <options xmlns="xdmp:document-load">

When http://some-apache-server/some-xml-file does not exist, apache reply "404 - Not Found" but also a simple HTML version of the error.
Mark Logic then creates a valid xml file from the HTML output, without checking the status code, and loads it.

I my view, this is clearly a bug. Every http GET request, should read the status code, and anything but 20* should result in some error from MarkLogic .

Any thoughts on this?

Best regards


Jacob Larsen
Civil Ingeniør | Software Engineer

Det Kongelige Bibliotek | The Royal Library
Digital Infrastruktur og Services | Digital Infrastructure and Services
tel +45 3347 4527 | jac at kb.dk<mailto:jac at kb.dk>

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