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The missing context error is from the function call with missing parens:
"bundle:deletetempdir" should be "bundle:deletetempdir()". The evals will
force those functions to execute in separate transactions; however, here
it's not necessary to invoke xdmp:commit() if you are not running in an
explicit transaction mode (xdmp:set-transaction-mode()) AFAIK.


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I am using ML transactions. PFB my xquery:

declare function bundle:test() as item()*
let $a:=xdmp:eval('xdmp:set-transaction-mode("update")')
let $b:=bundle:deletetempdir
let $c:=xdmp:eval('xdmp:commit()')
let $d:="success"
return $d

The above query when run throws me the following error:
XDMP-MISSINGCONTEXT: (err:XPDY0002) bundle:deletetempdir -- Missing
context item

Could you please let me know where I am going wrong. Please see I am
completely new to marklogic transactions.


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