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Here's my response to yours...

On Tue, May 21, 2013 at 12:56 PM, Michael Blakeley <mike at blakeley.com>wrote:

> I suppose everyone knew that Danny meant 600-GB and 200-GB, below? All
> good advice. If rebuilding your forests is not convenient, you might use
> https://github.com/mblakele/task-rebalancer after adding new forests.
> IS using the task rebalancer the solution to "cut the forests into evenly
> distributed forests" ?
> For disk space, the rule of thumb is 3x the fully-merged size. That is, if
> you have a 200-GB forest it should be on a 600-GB filesystem. That's
> necessary for situations where you have your base 200-GB documents, plus
> nearly 200-GB of deleted fragments, and need to merge the whole thing.
> It looks like I might have enough disk space since my forest are under
> 400MB at this time.
> Forest size also plays into the other rule of thumb Danny mentioned:
> 20-MB/sec per forest. If your disks and CPUs can sustain that, then merging
> 200-GB takes about 3-hr. If your forests can't sustain that merge rate,
> then merges will probably fall behind ingestion and the forest may hit the
> 64 stand limit.
> How do I check how fast my forests are? I believe they told me 200Mb/sec
> but I'm not sure yet.
> It can be quite difficult to get adequate I/O performance out of a
> virtualized environment. Moving to NAS may not help, and could easily hurt.
> But configurations vary widely so there are no hard and fast answers.
> They are moving to NAS. How can it hurt my database.
> Check that the underlying OS is healthy. For example if the system is
> paging heavily and using large amounts of swap, that will directly affect
> database performance.
> Where would I go to check how my system's paging and swapping factors are?

Again as always, thank you very much for your comments.


> -- Mike
> On 21 May 2013, at 09:21 , Danny Sokolsky <Danny.Sokolsky at marklogic.com>
> wrote:
> > Hi Bob,
> >
> > Here are a few questions and a few things I would focus on:
> >
> > ·         I am confused what version you are on – is it 5.0-4.1 for this
> project 4.0?
> > ·         Is this production or development?  If it is production, you
> might consider contacting MarkLogic support.
> > ·         Do you have a test cluster?  If not, I would make that a
> priority so you can try stuff easily.
> > ·         600MB forests sound very large.  The rule-of-thumb for size is
> max 200MB, so you are way off here.  But the important number is how many
> fragments are in the forests.  You should be able to get that number from
> the database status page (show forest info), or from the xdmp:forest-status
> function.
> > ·         How big are your VMs? (how much memory)
> > ·         How many Range indexes?
> > ·         How is your I/O rate on the system?  Ideally, it should be
> capable of roughly 20Mb/sec per forest.
> > ·         As far as the logs, you can turn off log uncaught errors on
> the App Server doing the loads (although you might need that info).  The
> more interesting question is why are the loads throwing errors.
> > ·         How many nodes in this cluster?
> >
> > Without much info, my guess is that finding some decent disk is a high
> priority.
> >
> > That should give you a few things to scratch your head over.
> >
> > -Danny
> >
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> > Hello Everyone,
> >
> > I am taking over a new project that I would consider large scale. I was
> hired as a ML DBA but I am really fairly new at MarkLogic. We were using
> ML4.0 and this project they are using ML v5.0-4.1 and they deploy the
> product on VMs.
> >
> > They are running into a bunch of issues and I feel overwhelmed by it. I
> have seen some of it before but some of the issues are these:
> > 1) logging issue: everytime their ingestions errors out, it logs off
> everything about it which amounts to about 2Mb everytime it happens. This
> happens quite often and they are getting tons of logs for a short period of
> time. Is there a way to minimize what the logs should spit out and cut down
> the extra unnecessaryinformation?
> >
> > 2) ingestion is slow: this could be anything that's causing the
> ingesstion to be so slow. Where should I look for the casue? I have
> contacted the SW Developer on the ingestion process and still waiting for
> his response. I am told that they are using an inhouse app called DDMS that
> I am not familiar with.
> >
> > 3) forest space: how do I check if there forest space is enough. They
> have 4 forests and are around 600GB a piece. Is there a formula to properly
> figure out the space allocation for each forest and to plan for future use?
> >
> > 4) performance issues: they are experiencing some latency issues, CPU-IO
> scheduler, and they're fixing to buy NAS servers for their storage
> management.
> >
> > I apologize for dropping all of these issues at once but I figure there
> are more brains out there than this one. I feel I hae taken a much bigger
> task and role thatn I could handle. I appreciate any assistance or
> direction anyone can give.
> >
> > --BobO
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