[MarkLogic Dev General] Date Time value with timezone in Index

David Lee David.Lee at marklogic.com
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Could you elaborate ? I Am confused.

Are you asking

1)  How to create a document without the timezone
A) That would depend on how you create the document, could you provide the code that creates the date element ?

2) How to ignore timezone values in a dateTime element ?
A1)  This is not possible without changeing your data.  You would have edit the document so it doesnt have timezone values
A2)  Your example seems to say that only -05:00 values are incorrect but the -04:00 values are correct, which might imply
you only want to ignore timezone values of -05:00 ?  I actually dont think that is what you want ... (but how do you know its only the -05:00 values that are adjusted ?)

So to work towards an answer.  What you are seeing is builtin behaviour.
When  given a dateTime  value that has a timezone, that timezone is used when parsing and storing in the index.
Furthermore the time is then converted to UTC time for the index itself.

When you query if you dont specify a timezone you are using the current local time timezone for the system.
This can lead to confusion if you dont know what is going on. (or even if you do).

>From reading this it seems that the core problem is your data is incorrect.  In which case you need to fix your documents.
But are you positive of that ? Maybe the data is actually right ?

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Hi All,

Somehow our content has timezone information is present inside the datetime field of content.

Document1 <date>2013-05-29T09:55:05-04:00</date>
Document2 <date>2013-05-29T09:55:05-05:00</date>

While verifying the element values over date element I found that -05:00 timezone values are already adjusted means in index the values are 2013-05-29T09:55:05 (Document1) and 2013-05-29T10:55:05 (Document2).

This is creating count mismatch for the query.

Is it possible to capture the document based on the date time values ignoring the timezone

Please suggest
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