[MarkLogic Dev General] Capturing elapsed time of requests

Geert Josten geert.josten at dayon.nl
Tue Oct 1 10:05:43 PDT 2013

Hi Soumadri Roy,

I had a similar questions a while back, didn’t come up with a solution
then. The status calls can give an close impression if run at small
interval, and results accumulated somehow.

On the other hand, the XDBC connection is likely to be HTTP based in the
end. Have you tried sniffing traffic with something as simple as tcpflow,
tcpmon or alike?



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We have an XDBC App Server attached to one of our version 5.0-5 databases.

MarkLogic captures the logs of all requests in the file system, by default
in <MarkLogicInstallDir>\Data\Logs (Windows install) with rotating log
files for each App Server. The log files contain a space separated values
such as

ClientIP Time RequestURL           HTTPStatus         Duration(ms)
UserAgent - - [30/Sep/2013:17:07:30 Pacific Daylight Time] "POST /eval
XDBC/1.0" 401 209 - "Java/1.7.0_11 MarkXDBC/5.0-3"

In a different App Server, we were also able to log the HTTPReferrer, that
has been useful for us in finding the source of a request. Any number of
these logs can be analyzed in Excel or your favorite RDBMS.

Hope this provides at least once solution. I do believe you would need to
have the option to log requests enabled at the Group level.

John Chertudi

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Hi All,

I need to capture elapsed time for all the requests coming to a particular
XDBC server. The details I need to capture is name of the xqy module and
the elapsed time. I have gone through the *xdmp:server-status* and *
xdmp:request-status,* but that only gives details of requests which were
running at the particular instance when I executed xdmp:*-status functions.
I need a mechanism, something like a trigger, which logs the details when a
request hits that XDBC server. Because of the amount of code and huge
number of xqueries, it is difficult to write logs in each and every xquery

Is there a way directly available in MarkLogic which can help me achieve


Soumadri Roy
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