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the trick here is that the document is in a namespace so you need to use namespace enabled xpath.
For a larger docment especially if you have many documents stored in the DB you may get better results by being
more precise and declaring the namespace explicitly in your search such as

declare namespace j="http://marklogic.com/xdmp/json/basic";


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Hi Sini,

Please try below code


Asit Nautiyal

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Hi All,

I have a json query string and I performed json:transform-from-json($json-query). I get the below output.

<json type="object" xmlns="http://marklogic.com/xdmp/json/basic">
  <query type="object">
    <and-query type="object">
      <queries type="array">
            <json type="object">
             <range-constraint-query type="object">
               <constraint-name type="string">country</constraint-name>
               <value type="array">
                 <item type="string">FRA</item>
            <json type="object">
             <range-constraint-query type="object">
               <constraint-name type="string">TravelType</constraint-name>
               <value type="array">
                 <item type="string">TOURISM</item>

How do I traverse through the output xml to get each constraint-name node.
I tried normal xpath on this output json:transform-from-json($json-query)//constraint-name. But this doesnot work.

Please help.

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