[MarkLogic Dev General] increase time limit for HTTP server via admin interface

Kampf, Arne arne.kampf at ciber.com
Tue Oct 15 09:51:45 PDT 2013

Hi all,


maybe I'm too blind to see, but somehow I can't figure out where the problem


I'm trying to increase the default time limit for an HTTP server by setting
the value in the admin console. I can see that this change is stored, I can
retrieve it, if I restart MarkLogic I can see it is still there. I also
changed the session timeout and max time limit, just to be sure. So far, so
good, seems to be fine. But if I start a query on this server and check the
transaction information in the host status (admin console) I see a limit of
600 sec there, no matter what I set the limit to.

As another test I started the same routine using an XDBC server, all limits
set to 3600 as an example. And for this server I can see the expected limit
when checking the host status.


I know that ten minutes should be enough for a transaction "in general", but
as this is a process which should run only once or twice there is not much
time for improving the implementation.


Can someone tell me why I can't seem to set the time limit for the HTTP


Thanks in advance,


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