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Wed Jul 1 13:43:51 PDT 2015

Hello Community,

The last few months have seen MarkLogic World touring the globe: San Francisco, Washington, Amsterdam, London, Boston, Tokyo, Chicago, and New York are done, with Houston coming up July 16th (rescheduled due to extreme weather). Great talks, great conversations. If you couldn't make it to one of these cities, you can still check out the presentations -- videos are online at http://mlwonline.marklogic.com/.

On GitHub
Besides the business and technical talks, we also did hands-on sessions in four cities this year. Participants got practice with Semantics, Bitemporal, or Designing With MarkLogic (working with MarkLogic through the Node Client API) while getting to interact with MarkLogic employees with diverse backgrounds. We enjoyed the chance to work one-on-one with so many of you. If you missed out but would like to take a look at the materials, you can find them on GitHub:

  *   Semantics: https://github.com/grechaw/semantics-tutorial
  *   Bitemp: https://github.com/fxue/bitemporal-demo
  *   Designing With MarkLogic: https://github.com/dmcassel/hands-on-node

DMC Content
We have a couple new blog posts this month, one telling the story of a Sales Engineer challenged to show MarkLogic's semantics capabilities (As You Wish<http://developer.marklogic.com/blog/as-you-wish>) and another laying out the three types of collections that MarkLogic supports (Let's Get Organized<http://developer.marklogic.com/blog/types-of-collections>). I also added another blog to the blog roll<http://developer.marklogic.com/blog> -- if you read Swedish, check out NoSQL på Svenska<http://nosqlbloggen.se/>.

In June, I had the chance to get on a call with Avalon, one of MarkLogic's service partners, and talk about the kinds of content on DMC<http://developer.marklogic.com/> that they find most helpful, both during early learning and later while increasing their skills. We talked about blog posts, tutorials, videos, and so on. If you'd like to give me your thoughts, individually or as a group, I'd love to hear from you!

Upcoming Events

  *   Sydney: Data Sharing for the Paranoid - What Financial Services is learning from Govt<http://www.meetup.com/Big-Data-for-the-Banking-and-Finance-sector/events/223405728/> -- July 7
  *   Houston: MarkLogic World<http://www.meetup.com/Houston-Energy-Data-Science-Meetup/events/222505821/> -- July 16
  *   London: 360 of Anything<http://www.meetup.com/MarkLogic-User-Group-UK/events/223260691/> -- July 16
  *   McLean, VA: Data Science for ACA Data & Semantic Medline Precision Medicine<http://www.meetup.com/Federal-Big-Data-Working-Group/events/222369666/> -- July 20

You'll find a list of webinars and other upcoming events at http://www.marklogic.com/events/.

Getting Help
Stack Overflow now has over 750 MarkLogic-tagged questions<http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/marklogic>. Keep them coming!

Dave Cassel<http://davidcassel.net>, @dmcassel<https://twitter.com/dmcassel>
Technical Community Manager
MarkLogic Corporation<http://www.marklogic.com/>

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