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Andreas Hubmer andreas.hubmer at ebcont.com
Mon Jul 13 05:00:49 PDT 2015


In a unit test (using xray) I insert a document DOC-A and delete it
afterwards. The administration UI shows afterwards that the database
contains 0 documents.

Afterwards (in another unit test) I use cts:element-word-match for
auto-completion purposes. Now I have the strange issue that
cts:element-word-match returns values even though my database is empty. The
values it returns are from DOC-A. To me it seems that the document got
deleted but its values were not properly removed from the element word
Even waiting for 10 minutes didn't help.

As I understand it this should not happen.
Is there something I miss?

The reindexer is enabled on the database. Manually calling "merge" on the
database's only forest doesn't help. Disabling and enabling the forest
doesn't help either. Only calling "clear" on the forest helps to get rid of
the wrong lexicon values.
I can consistently reproduce the problem.
I am using MarkLogic 8.0-2.

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