[MarkLogic Dev General] Management API - accessing "property" in 8.0-3

Anne Taylor A.Taylor at cabi.org
Fri Jul 17 08:20:17 PDT 2015

Hi all,

I'm trying to access some properties through the management API.  If I try something like the following against an 8.0-2 server it works:


but against three different 8.0-3 instances it fails with the error:

Endpoint does not support query parameter: property

I've tried various different properties and can't get anything to work, each time it doesn't seem to parse the "property" parameter.  Has the syntax changed; has our upgrade failed to fully complete (all three servers were upgraded from 8.0-2);  or is something wrong with the request?  Can anyone else get this to work against 8.0-3?

Many thanks,
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