[MarkLogic Dev General] XQuery evaluation

Tyagi, Devesh DTyagi at INNODATA.COM
Mon Jul 27 00:55:55 PDT 2015


I have the following piece of code in XQuery:

declare variable $triple-predicate-prefix := "http://www.bsi.org/predicates/";

declare variable $triple-predicate-suffix-hasTaxonomyName := "hasTaxonomyName";

declare variable $triple-predicates-map := map:map();

declare variable $initialize-variables-caller := local:initialize-variables();

declare function local:initialize-variables(){

let $_ := map:put($triple-predicates-map,$triple-predicate-suffix-hasTaxonomyName,fn:concat($triple-predicate-prefix,$triple-predicate-suffix-hasTaxonomyName))

return ()


declare local:test(){




This returns me and empty sequence. The map doesn't get initialized. It would be helpful if someone could point me towards the reason and solution behind it.

Thanks and regards,


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