[MarkLogic Dev General] Difference in output of sem:sparql-values and sem:sqarql

Tyagi, Devesh DTyagi at INNODATA.COM
Mon Jul 27 06:59:48 PDT 2015


let $params := map:new(map:entry("predicate",sem:iri("http://www.bsi.org/predicates/hasTaxonomyName")))

sem:sparql-values("select ?subject ?predicate ?object where {?subject ?predicate ?object}", $params)

returns 3 columns namely (subject, predicate, object)

where as

sem:sparql-values("select ?subject ?predicate ?object where {?subject ?predicate ?object}", $params)

returns only two columns namely (subject, object)

I would like to know why is the change in the behavior, since I am mentioning 3 columns in the select query.



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