[MarkLogic Dev General] Management API: update path range index

Jim Fuller Jim.Fuller at marklogic.com
Thu Sep 21 04:13:17 PDT 2017

to be clear - there are no 'add/remove' PATCH like semantics anywhere in the REST Management API ... whatever you put in the payload will be in the properties afterwards ... eg. your script needs to conflate all existing path-range-index with the new and send all that.

for your example I would expect range-path-index array to have 4 member.

hth, J
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I want to update the path range indexes on a database via the Management API.  So I send a PUT to /databases/xxx/properties with the following content:

    { "range-path-index": [{
        "scalar-type": "date",
        "range-value-positions": false,
        "invalid-values": "reject",
        "collation": "",
        "path-expression": "xxx/xxx"

There are actually 4 objects in the array, each with a different path.  2 of them have already be created, I want to add the other 2 (so I update the entire property to the total 4 indexes).  This is the same strategy I use for other range indexes.


    Database resource 'xxx' already contains 'range-path-index'

Any idea?  Isn't it possible to update the path range indexes?  Should it be done differently?


Florent Georges
H2O Consulting

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