Widespread CPU Security Vulnerabilities Impact Software

by Tom Thomassen (MarkLogic Security Team)
As announced yesterday by Google and others, widespread security vulnerabilities have been identified affecting many CPUs, including those from Intel, AMD, and ARM. In order to mitigate the vulnerabilities, patches will be provided by hardware, operating system, and cloud vendors. MarkLogic will continue to provide high performance on all supported platforms. No patches or workarounds are necessary for MarkLogic itself. The problem is at the hardware level and will be addressed by hardware, cloud and operating system vendors.

Two Languages Shockingly Easy to Use With MarkLogic

by Paul Hoehne
As a MarkLogic consultant, my job is as often about managing MarkLogic or moving data in and out of MarkLogic as it is about the application with which the end-user interacts. Here are two languages that don’t have large, formal MarkLogic toolkits like the DMSDK or Java Client API, but are easy to “plug in” to MarkLogic. It’s possible to use these languages to build tools or scripts to simplify your MarkLogic work.

UML Modeling with MarkLogic's Entity Services

by Mike Havey
Unified Modeling Language (UML) helps to visually depict your model for greater clarity and can feed into MarkLogic’s Entity Services providing a low-effort means to model-driven data management in MarkLogic.

Lazy Evaluation Magic

by Joe Crean
Learn about lazy evaluation -- what it is and when it is appropriate to use. Study it in action with XQuery code that processes and groups search results in a fast and efficient way.

Building a Semantic Recommendation Engine: the Sequel

by Michael Malgeri
Use social media to improve recommendations