Automating MarkLogic Docker Installs

by Alan Johnson and Tamas Piros
MarkLogic requires initialization and some steps to join hosts to a cluster. We can automate these steps in the Docker scripts using the MarkLogic Management API.

A goal without a plan is just a wish

by Scott Parnell
Optimizing search performance with the help of xdmp:plan

Monitoring your AWS MarkLogic Cluster using CloudWatch

by Ken Tune
Ken Tune offers a way to link MarkLogic's Monitoring API with AWS CloudWatch

Scaling Your Database Doesn't Have to be Hard

by Dave Cassel
Is it beneficial to move complex queries out of the database and into service logic because it's way easier to scale services horizontally?

Building a MarkLogic Docker Container

by Alan Johnson and Tamas Piros
Docker and container technology has been sweeping through the IT mindset. Containers are alternatives to virtual machines, providing isolation for applications and also a method of delivering microservices. In this article we are going to investigate how to setup MarkLogic using Docker as well as learn how to setup a 3 node MarkLogic cluster using docker-compose.