MarkLogic 9

Cloud Platform

Deploying on the Cloud

Microsoft Windows (7, 10, and Server 2012)

x64 (AMD64, Intel EM64T) 64-bit Installer 368 MB(SHA1)

Mac OS X 10.11

OS X disk image 237 MB(SHA1)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux / CentOS, Version 7

x64 (AMD64, Intel EM64T) 64-bit RPM 307 MB(SHA1)


Older versions

You can find previous releases of MarkLogic Server here


  • Hello, I've installed MarkLogic 9 on windows 7 and when I want to create a new rest on the next url, I get: Error An unexpected error has occurred. Check the error log or contact MarkLogic support. Message <error:error xsi:schemaLocation=" error.xsd" xmlns:error="" xmlns:xsi=""> <error:code>REST-INVALIDREQUEST</error:code> <error:name/> <error:xquery-version>1.0-ml</error:xquery-version> <error:message>Invalid request</error:message> <error:format-string>REST-INVALIDREQUEST: Invalid request: AppBuilder request no longer supported: /appservices</error:format-string> <error:retryable>false</error:retryable> <error:expr/> <error:data> <error:datum>AppBuilder request no longer supported: /appservices</error:datum> </error:data> <error:stack> <error:frame> <error:uri>/MarkLogic/rest-api/8000-rewriter.xml</error:uri> <error:xquery-version>1.0-ml</error:xquery-version> </error:frame> </error:stack> </error:error> What am I doing wrong?
    • There is no longer a UI for creating REST API instance. Please do so via HTTP request. For details, see the following topic: