MarkLogic Toolkit for Excel

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The MarkLogic Toolkit for Excel® allows you to quickly build applications with MarkLogic Server that extend the functionality of Microsoft Excel and leverage Office Open XML (OOXML), the native document format of Excel 2007.

With the Toolkit for Excel you can build a new class of applications to

  • Search across your organization’s Excel files for worksheets, cells, formulas, etc.
  • Create new Excel workbooks from existing XML documents
  • Manipulate workbooks stored in your repository with a built-in XQuery library
  • Enhance Excel documents with custom metadata

The Toolkit for Excel comes with an add-in that allows you to deploy web-based applications into Excel. This means you can use familiar web development techniques, such as HTML and JavaScript, to build powerful applications with MarkLogic Server that work in concert with Excel. Sample add-in applications included with the Toolkit provide quick-start templates for typical use cases, including search, reuse and custom metadata management. The Toolkit for Excel includes XQuery libraries for building server-based applications to assemble, manipulate, and deliver Office Open XML for Office 2007 and other XML-based workflows.

The MarkLogic Toolkit for Excel is distributed as an open source project sponsored by MarkLogic. Under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license, you are free to inspect and change the code to suit your needs. However, we encourage you to contribute enhancements and bug fixes back for the benefit of the entire community. For more information about this toolkit or how to contribute please contact

Update: The latest version of the MarkLogic Toolkit for Excel version 1.0-3 supports both Office 2007 or Office 2010 (32 bit and 64 bit flavors are supported). Announcement blog post


  • Hi Team, We are migrating to MS Office 2013 later next month, We are using version 1.0-2, It is working fine for 2007 and 2010. Does "MarkLogic Toolkit for Excel 2.0-1 OR 1.0-3" supports MS Office Excel 2013 ??? Please provide some guidance. Thanks, Abhinav
    • Hi Abhinav, No. The toolkit is tested for and supports Office 2007 and 2010. No testing or toolkit development has been done for Office 2013. To answer the question: Will it work? Ymmv depending on the toolkit components you're using. But my guess is that some updates to the toolkit will be required to support 2013 as each new version of Office introduces new namespaces and .xlsx package parts that won't be accounted for in the current toolkit APIs. Hope this is useful,Pete
  • We are migrating to Office 2013 this month. Will "MarkLogic Toolkit for Excel version 1.0-3" supports MS Excel 2013 ???
  • The method excel:julian-to-gregorian in spreadsheet-ml-support.xqy is developed from an algorithm in the webpage However, there is an issue in the line let $year := if($E <=2) then $C - 4715 else $C - 4716 It should be let $year := if($month <=2) then $C - 4715 else $C - 4716 Please check.
  • Is the latest version 1.0-3 or 2.0-1?