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Data Hub

The Data Hub empowers architects and developers to leverage the power of the MarkLogic multi-model database to create data flows from a multitude of source systems, harmonize that data, and serve the data using open APIs faster than ever.

Advanced Security

Out-of-the-box we have enterprise-grade security, but some use cases require even more advanced security features for data sharing and further separation of duties using an external KMS, Redaction, and Compartment Security.

Smart Mastering

Master data quickly and automatically in a MarkLogic Data Hub, without buying a separate Master Data Management (MDM) tool. It leverages fuzzy logic and AI to match and merge data to build a unified 360 view in the context of all your data.

Free Downloads

MarkLogic Multi-Model Database

The MarkLogic multi-model database is designed for NoSQL speed and scale, without sacrificing the enterprise features. With a free developer license, you can start using the MarkLogic database in minutes.

MarkLogic Data Hub

The MarkLogic Data Hub runs on top of the MarkLogic database, and provides everything you need to build a production-ready data hub for ingesting, harmonizing, and curating data.

Free Training


No prior knowledge of MarkLogic is required to get started, but it does help if you know some JavaScript.


Need to manage your environment? From a single database to a large cluster, learn to deploy, monitor, and manage MarkLogic.

Data Architects

Need to design and manage your data architecture? Learn how to use MarkLogic to integrate your data.

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