MarkLogic ODBC Driver

The MarkLogic ODBC driver lets you add MarkLogic as a new ODBC data source to your existing BI Tool installation.

MarkLogic 9, Linux (64-bit Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7)

64-bit ODBC Driver 737 KB(SHA1)

MarkLogic 9, Microsoft Windows (7, 10, Server 2012)

32-bit ODBC Driver 3.9MB(SHA1)
64-bit ODBC Driver 4.6MB(SHA1)

MarkLogic 8, Linux (64-bit Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and 7)

64-bit ODBC Driver 632 KB(SHA1)

MarkLogic 8, Microsoft Windows (7, 8, Server 2008, Server 2012)

32-bit ODBC Driver 3.3MB(SHA1)
64-bit ODBC Driver 4.1MB(SHA1)



  • Please make the source of the Linux ODBC driver available
  • I wasn't able to install the ODBC driver until I upgraded my entire cluster to 7.0.3, the latest version of Marklogic (from 7.0.2). Also, it appears that you have to define the path to the odbc driver inside of ~/.odbc.ini, like so: [MarkLogicSQL] Description=MarkLogicSQL Driver=/opt/MarkLogic/lib/ Trace=No TraceFile= Database=testdb_odbc Servername=***** Username=***** Password=***** Port=8999 Protocol=7.4 ReadOnly=No SSLMode=disable UseServerSidePrepare=Yes ShowSystemTables=No ConnSettings=
  • When can we expect an ODBC driver for Linux?
    • The ODBC Driver for Linux is in the final stages of testing, and should be available shortly. Can you say how you will use it when it's released?
      • You may want to update the installation guide, it misses odbinst.ini configuration, missing a command to copy to temp dir, missing dependencies and the ssl-lib package does not exist for CentOS 6+. And in v.8 of Java the JDBC ODBC bridge is dropped so maybe it's a time for a JDBC MarkLogic driver.
      • GREAT! We will use it to connect YellowfinBI to MarkLogic. It opens up a lot of other possibilities regarding dashboarding and analytics software as well because almost all of them support ODBC and none "XDBC".
  • Is there any connector available for QlikView ?
    • Hey Amit do you know how to use marklogic ? I am a Qlikview Developer, I am trying to learn mark logic, to analyse data from our MySql or Oracle Database ! Could you plz help, how to proceed ?
      • Swapneel, I recommend starting with MarkLogic University's free classes:
    • Sorry, there is nothing specific for QlikView although we have heard that the MarkLogic ODBC driver is, in general, robust.
  • Are there any plans to release the MarkLogic ODBC driver on other platforms, e.g. Linux?
    • Appears this comment is old, but fyii, you can run MarkLogic on linux, but the client-driver is Windows-only.
      • There is a 64-bit linux ODBC driver on MarkLogic 7 and MarkLogic 8.