XCC for MarkLogic 9

The XML Contentbase Connector (XCC) is an interface to communicate with MarkLogic Server from a Java or .NET middleware application layer. It provides APIs for

  • Evaluating stored XQuery programs
  • Dynamic construction and evaluation of XQuery programs from Java (or .Net) code
  • Type marshalling
  • Document management and streaming inserts


XCC Java distribution (includes javadoc) 2.5 MB(SHA1)
XCC Java source 511 KB(SHA1)




Older versions

You can find previous versions of XCC for previous releases of MarkLogic here


  • I've used graph databases from Orient, to GraphDB, to even setting up Oracle, Hadoop, etc. I've never had so many problems working with a database as I have with MarkLogic. If you all didnt have some features I need, I would never have wasted days of my time with this horrid documentation and years old libraries. Ugh
  • A big company like MarkLogic should provide a library for .NET . What a complete disgrace
  • XI downloaded the XCC connector, but there are not libraries for .NET . Any plan for providing those libraries?