2016 Internship Program

by Kevin Costello, Danica Liang and Grace Yin

MarkLogic, where coffee flows, dogs roam, and the future of database technology is engineered. Our names are Kevin, Grace, and Danica and we interned with MarkLogic’s Product Management team this summer developing an app (TEACUP) in collaboration with Dave Cassel.

We developed an interactive geospatial app for MarkLogic to better understand their Early Access (beta) users. We did this by displaying them on a map with filters for company, industry, region, and the MarkLogic features they are using. We even designed and wrote the requirements for the application ourselves, which was far more enjoyable than many computer science classes, where you simply follow the professor's requirements. We almost went mad with power but the cute dogs, coffee, free food, and soda machine kept us occupied.

Although we were busy coding most of the time, we also got to experience MarkLogic’s great work/life balance and fun culture. Every other Wednesday, MarkLogic hosts a hump day social hour with games, food, and drinks. One week, we and the other interns were given the opportunity to plan this event! The entire company was put to the test with charades and an eating contest. Everyone also got to enjoy some delicious boba! Other socials included team lunches, movie and baseball game outings, and a company-wide picnic. It is hard to understand true happiness until you conquer an inflatable bouncy house.

We are grateful to have spent our summer at MarkLogic, an amazing company with a bright future and filled with people who are incredibly intelligent and always willing to help. A special thanks to some of these brilliant people for helping us throughout the summer: Dave Cassel, thank you for your friendliness and encouragement, and for guiding us with your knowledge on all things MarkLogic and tech -- you are better than Stack Overflow! Jim Clark, thank you for your kindness and fun nature (and for lending us your credit card at the Giants game). We’d also like to thank Jake Fowler, Jennifer Tsau, Tanya Smirnoff, Mitchell Yawitz, Caroline Carlos, Derrick Sanchez, and all the PMs for your invaluable help along the way.