What is Enterprise NoSQL?

An Enterprise NoSQL database includes all the benefits of a NoSQL database along with Enterprise-required features.

Like other NoSQL databases, MarkLogic is

  • Flexible, with a schema-free, document data model (XML, Text, Binary, JSON)
  • Fast (implemented in C++, optimized for today’s IO systems)
  • Scalable (with a shared nothing distributed architecture)
  • And highly available, with automatic failover and replication

What is distinctive about an Enterprise NoSQL database is its support for enterprise-class and enterprise-scale application requirements, including:

ACID Transactions
Enterprise applications require ACID (atomic, consistent, isolated, and durable) transactions. MarkLogic Insert/update/delete operations can be performed atomically and subsequent queries see those changes with zero latency. MarkLogic supports distributed transactions, multi-document and multi-statement transactions, and even XA transactions.
Modern enterprises simply can not allow individuals (including developers) to have carte blanche access to all of their sensitive data stored in a database. With fine-grained privileges, role-based security, document-level permissions, HTTPS access, as well as validation in accordance with the provisions of a number of U.S. National Government programs, MarkLogic is the most secure NoSQL database on the planet.
With proven reliability, uptime, fantastic SLAs, as well as over 500 deployed mission-critical and enterprise projects, MarkLogic is the most trusted NoSQL database. It's what pros use for storing data that can't be lost or for running applications that can't go down.
Real-time indexing and full-text search
Every day, enterprises have to react quickly and answer questions using their data at hand, be it well-structured data or unstructed text. MarkLogic was architected from the ground up with advanced, real-time indexing. These indexes support queries over structured data as well as full-text search. They provide all the modern search capabilities enterprise applications need, ranging from word/phrase search, wildcards, case and diacritic sensitivity options, and stemming/tokenization of hundreds of languages, to advanced capabilities like geospatial search and alerting. No batch indexing or third-party search engine is required. Search and other indexes are all updated in real-time during a transaction.

So, that's it. ↓ Free Download When you need an Enterprise NoSQL database, download MarkLogic, grab a free Developer license, and try one of our tutorials.