This is a sample application that shows off MarkLogic’s alerting (aka reverse-query) feature. It uses the Alerting API and has all of the low-level components needed in many enterprise-class alerting applications.

However, it is packaged in a sample application with a user interface designed to demonstrate the functionality of an alert application; your own applications would likely have a very different and more powerful user interface. Thus, this sample code is provided on an as-is basis, and is not intended for nor supported in production applications.

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Creating Alerting Applications

This chapter of the Search Developer’s Guide describes how to create alerting applications in MarkLogic Server as well as describes the components of alerting applications.

REST Application Guide

Read through a brief introduction and summary of the alerting services provided by REST Client API, and walk through how to define, install, and test alerting rules.

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Explore the GitHub repositories, projects that have benefited from the work of the MarkLogic developer community. We encourage contributions.

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