Here you can find all the technical resources related to the MarkLogic Esri Connector. This tool is made up of three primary components, Geospatial Data Services, MarkLogic Koop Provider, and MarkLogic Add-in for ArcGIS Pro®:

  1. The backend component is Geospatial Data Services, which uses the Optic API and TDE to get geospatial data out of MarkLogic as GeoJSON. It exposes the Query API and manages metadata.
  2. The second component is the MarkLogic Koop Provider, which is a plugin to a platform called Koop – an open-source Node.js Express project that Esri maintains. The Koop Provider allows you to map the geospatial JSON data that comes out of Geospatial Data Services into JSON that all the Esri tools can consume.
  3. The third component is the MarkLogic Add-in for ArcGIS Pro®, which is a native add-in that runs in ArcGIS Pro desktop applications and provides users a search experience against their data stored in MarkLogic, from within the ArcGIS.

Find out more about the components of the MarkLogic Esri Connector work together in the blog Build a Geospatial Data Hub with the MarkLogic Esri Connector. You can also watch a presentation that showcases how to use the connector to get a 360-degree view of your geospatial data. Or, simply explore the related resources below to get started.

Learn More

Introduction Blog

This technical blog introduces the MarkLogic Esri Connector while explaining what its specific components do.

Doing More with Your GIS

Read the information sheet that explains how the integration of MarkLogic and Esri delivers location analytics for ALL your data.

Esri User Conference 2019

Find out about MarkLogic’s role in the 2019 Esri User Conference. Also find MarkLogic demos with Esri and other related resources.

MarkLogic Geo Data Services

The GitHub Repository for MarkLogic Geo Data Services (GDS), which provides a rich set of geospatial query capabilities enabled against a MarkLogic database.

Koop Provider MarkLogic

The GitHub Repository for Koop Provider plugin, a plugin that enables communication with several Esri applications for Feature Services.

MarkLogic ArcGIS Pro Addin

The repository for the add-in that provides Esri’s ArcGIS Pro the capability to access and search a MarkLogic database straight from within the desktop application.

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