The Community-driven MarkLogic Grove project provides a toolkit full of tooling, templates, and other resources that help with building UI applications on top of MarkLogic.

Below you’ll find a table with Grove’s associated repositories as well as a description for what it’s used for:

GitHub Repository Description
grove Repository that contains only documentation.
grove-cli Command-line interface for generating and working with Grove projects.
grove-core-api This project provides OpenAPI v3 specifications for Grove-compliant middle-tier implementations. It concerns the public-facing REST endpoints.
grove-core-react-components This library provides a set of React components useful for building applications backed by a MarkLogic database.
grove-core-react-redux-containers A collection of containers for connecting to the grove-redux state.
grove-crud-redux This is a Redux implementation for interaction with MarkLogic documents in the browser.
grove-ml-gradle This Grove app is meant to support configuration of MarkLogic databases, app-servers, users, roles, etc. It also supports deployment of application code, and import of content.
grove-node This contains the Node.js implementation of a Grove Middle-Tier. It is currently the default middle-tier for that project.
grove-react-map-components A collection of map-related React components for displaying geospatial data stored in MarkLogic.
grove-react-ui Vue component to visualize RDF relationships and Timelines using Vis.js.
grove-react-visjs-graph This library provides React components providing an interactive graph visualization of nodes and edges.
grove-search-redux This is a Redux implementation of search. It forms part of the MarkLogic Grove project.
grove-spring-boot This is the middle-tier project for MarkLogic Grove UI framework.
grove-user-redux This Redux module for user authentication forms part of the MarkLogic Grove project.
grove-vue-core-components This library includes diverse search ui components. The library is part of the MarkLogic Grove project, but could work in any Vue application.
grove-vue-ui This project provides a skeleton for a Vue.js front-end stack, designed to run against a grove-node middle-tier, backed by MarkLogic.

Learn More

Building UI Applications using MarkLogic Grove

Learn why Grove is the go-to toolkit for building UI applications on top of MarkLogic. Find the associated repository that’s related to your application.

Getting Started Documentation

Walk through all the steps of creating a new Grove project: check the prerequisites, install grove-cli, and then generate and configure your project.

Grove GitHub Repository

Access the Grove toolkit on its GitHub Repository– there are many repositories for Grove so make sure to find the one that’s relevant to you.

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