The MarkLogic Healthcare Starter Kit (HSK) is a working project for a healthcare payer data hub, particularly geared toward service to Medicaid customers. Also called an Operational Data Store (ODS), the HSK supports a mandate by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMMS) to comply with the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) specification for the electronic exchange of healthcare information.

For more information about how to use the HSK, please see the project’s README.

Visit the Repository

Learn More

MarkLogic Releases the Healthcare Starter Kit v1.0

Learn more about the HSK and its features in our blog written by MarkLogic Solutions Director Damon Feldman, one of the contributors to the HSK.

Getting Started Documentation

Want to get started with the HSK? Look through the README on the GitHub Repository to check the prerequisites, deploy the HSK, use the HSK, and maintain and modify the HSK.

MarkLogic Data Hub for Payers

Learn how MarkLogic supports healthcare payer systems modernization and digital transformation with the MarkLogic Data Hub for payers, which combines a data hub with a Master Patient/Provider Index (MPI).

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