New Relic is a SaaS software analytics platform, which provides real-time analytics and insights to your entire software stack deployed on-premise, in cloud or hybrid environments. Find out more about New Relic.

While you may already monitor web and mobile applications, browsers and servers through the New Relic platform, MarkLogic’s New Relic plugin allows you to monitor MarkLogic server at the same central location. However, New Relic has since deprecated its plugins, but there are now new New Relic nri-flex integration examples where you can learn how to integrate with MarkLogic. You can hit a number of MarkLogic API endpoints to gather relevant monitoring data by working with the Basic Authentication setup on MarkLogic or working with the Digest Authentication setup on MarkLogic. These examples are the result of work that was done on CMS to pull MarkLogic metrics and integrate with New Relic.

Explore the Documentation on using the Management API to help you get started.

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