The Oxygen XML Editor is a multi-platform XML editor, XSLT/XQuery debugger, and profiler with Unicode support. The folks over at SyncroSoft have added MarkLogic support into their Oxygen XML Editor. This includes:

  • multiple server connections
  • XQuery execution and debugging
  • resource management and editing through WebDAV

Beyond the Oxygen client itself, they also distribute an Eclipse plug-in that exposes the same functionality in Eclipse.

Details are published in their tutorial and the software is available here. They also provide a video on their ‘Remote Debugging of MarkLogic’ feature here.

Those interested in developing and testing XQuery may also want to take a look at Overstory’s IntelliJ plugin. This plugin povides support for XQuery language version 3.0 and 3.1 in IntelliJ IDEA.

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