This unique MarkLogic Semantics feature improves search and classification by identifying entities in free-flowing text. Use the feature to automatically identify entities (people, places, and things) in free-flowing text and then return a list of those entities (extraction) or mark them up in the document (enrichment).

Entities are defined in a user-maintained dictionary, or you can build a dictionary automatically from a SKOS Ontology. If you need NLP (Natural Language Processing) to define an entity, you can use third-party tools such as Smartlogic, PoolParty, Expert System, NetOwl, or Calais.

Review over the technical resources below to help get started.

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Extraction & Enrichment

Learn how to identify entities in text, add markup around entities, and/or extract a list of entities.


Look at the server-side JavaScript API to see how by providing an entity dictionary as a parameter, matching entities are returned.

Semantic Resources

Explore technical resources for developers to get a better understanding of semantics in MarkLogic.

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