Template Driven Extraction (TDE) enables you to define a relational lens over your document data, so you can query parts of your data using SQL or the Optic API. Templates let you specify which parts of documents make up rows in a view. You can also use templates to define a semantic lens, specifying which values from a document make up triples in the triple index.

TDE enables you to generate rows and triples from ingested documents based on predefined templates that describe the following:

  • The input data to match
  • The data transformations that apply to the matched data
  • The final data projections that are translated into indexed data

TDE enables you to access the data in your documents in several ways, without changing the documents themselves. A relational lens is useful when you want to let SQL-savvy users access your data and when users want to create reports and visualizations using tools that communicate using SQL. It is also useful when you want to join entities and perform aggregates across documents. A semantic lens is useful when your documents contain some data that is naturally represented and queried as triples, using SPARQL.

TDE is applied during indexing at ingestion time and serves the following purposes:

TDE data is also used by the Optic API, as described in Optic API for Multi-Model Data Access.

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TDE Documentation

Explore the documentation on how to get started with Template Driven Extraction in the Application Developer’s Guide.


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Disable TDE Templates

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Enable and Disable Templates

Read the documentation on how to enable and disable templates by modifying the <enabled> flag.

Identify Triples with Templates

Learn how to define a template to identify data to be indexed as triples in an existing document.

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