Our database provides a single platform to natively store, manage, and search geospatial data, including points of interest, intersecting paths, and regions of interest. That data is all stored with context as MarkLogic also handles other data about entities (people, places, and things), relationships (semantics, or “linked data”), imagery and video (large binaries), and time (temporal data).

MarkLogic provides powerful geospatial search capabilities – even for the most demanding geospatial applications. Explore some of our Geospatial technical resources below.

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Geospatial Datasheet

Learn the “who, what, when, and where?” behind geospatial when organizing military operations, analyzing land use, and more.

Geospatial Video

Watch a discussion of the powerful new capabilities of a new breed of geospatially-aware applications that are seen in MarkLogic.

Geospatial Search

Read about MarkLogic’s geospatial features, the type of applications that use these features, and how to use geospatial search.

Using Geospatial Data in MarkLogic

In this hands-on video tutorial, model, load, index, and search geospatial data using MarkLogic.

Geospatial Double Precision FAQ

Developers answer all your common questions surrounding geospatial double precision in MarkLogic.

Geospatial Region Search FAQ

Developers answer all your common questions surrounding geospatial region search in MarkLogic.

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