As a multi-model database, MarkLogic combines the benefits of a document store and an RDF Triple Store. This approach is ideal for integrating and accessing all of your data. JSON and XML documents provide incredible flexibility for modeling entities, while RDF triples— the data format for semantic graph data— are ideal for storing relationships.

MarkLogic Semantics is a great data format for storing metadata, improving data integration, and building applications using that integrated, highly connected data.

Interested in learning more about MarkLogic Semantics? Explore some of our technical resources below to help you get started. In addition, if you have any questions about Semantics in MarkLogic, visit Frequently Asked Questions about Semantics to see if you find the answer you’re looking for!

Learn More

Using MarkLogic Semantics Course

Take the course that lets you practice using RDF data in your MarkLogic applications. Learn to create, manage, index and query triples in order to build applications.

Semantics Developer's Guide

Review over the documentation that provides an overview of semantics in MarkLogics, along with several use cases and additional resources.

Webinar Series

This series of webinars on digital acceleration and creating smarter content covers examples and demos of using taxonomies, ontologies, semantics, and entity extraction in your content repositories.

Semantic Search Video

See the Semantic Search in action as you learn about using triples and document metadata created in a MarkLogic Data Hub.

Semantics Quickstart

This tutorial contains a series of exercises to introduce a few semantics features, along with a number of challenges for you to work through.

Semantics for Dummies

Read how leading organizations are integrating disparate, heterogeneous data faster, and building smarter applications with richer analytic capabilities by using semantics.

Building a Semantic Recommendation Engine

Learn how MarkLogic’s triple store allows us to use custom inferencing rules, consumer profiles and dynamic behavior to build a semantic recommendation engine.

MarkLogic Semantics Overview

Whether you are new to semantics or just new to the power of a multi-model database, this session will get you better acquainted with the power of MarkLogic semantics.

Semantics Datasheet

Read the resource that gives an overview of all-things semantics– what it does, how it’s used, and its supported features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stephen Buxton answers common questions surrounding semantic triples in MarkLogic, touching on topics like inferencing, named graphs, faceted search, and more.

Creating a Custom Constraint

If you need to create a constraint for which there is not one pre-defined in the Search API, there is a mechanism to extend the Search API to use your own constraint type.

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